Mcdonald’s-Take A Look Below To Know The Breakfast And Lunch Timings Of It.

McDonald’s is a fast-food franchise that operates all over the world. It was founded in 1940 by two brothers, Maurice and Richard McDonald, in California Unit State. At first, in McDonald’s, you only used to have hamburgers and milkshakes. But as the popularity increased, they added more items to the menu. So, on the menu of McDonald’s, you now have various fast food-related items such as burgers, fries, meals, cold drinks, etc.

Nowadays, every age group loves to eat at McDonald’s restaurants, especially youngsters, frequent such places with their crew to have lunch, breakfast, or snacks. But, of course, before going to a place, you first check their meal timings, so one of the common questions that come to their mind when having lunch at McDonald’s is when does mcdonalds start serving lunch? So, to continue your research, find it out below.

At what time does McDonald’s serve breakfast to their customers?
Most McDonalds cafes start breakfast serving in the early morning at 5:00 am, but this is not an official timing. It can vary from location to location because it is a franchise owned business, so it is all upto the owner of the franchise what time they set for breakfast and lunch. At some locations, McDonald’s serves breakfast at 10:00 am.

When can you have lunch and dinner at McDonald’s restaurants?
McDonald’s starts serving lunch and breakfast simultaneously, 10:30 am at various places. As we discussed earlier, it is not an official time, but in most cases, we found that McDonald’s serves their customers from 10:30 until the restaurant’s closing time.

In some countries, such as Australia, Canada, the U.S.etc, McDonald’s serves lunch, breakfast and dinner 24by7. So whether you are going to McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner; consider the restaurant’s opening time.

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